A Brief Overview Of The Major League Baseball, and Why it's so Popular

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Major League Baseball or MLB is the American professional baseball league that comprises of teams that play under the National League and the American League. The two leagues, American and National Leagues existed separately until the year 2000 when the two leagues merged to become one. Before the merger, professional baseball team in America could choose to play under any one of the two baseball organization bodies. The MLB is now a single sporting organization comprising both leagues and led by a Commissioner of Baseball.

The MLB is made up of 30 professional baseball teams in Canada and the United States. One of the team is in Canada and the other 29 are in the United States. The MLB is governed based on a set of rules known as the Constitution of the Major League Baseball, which has been reviewed several times since it was instituted in 1875. The activities of the MLB include hiring and managing the umpire crews, labor, negotiating marketing deals, television contracts and overall management of the sport. MLB also oversees scheduling of matches, disputes resolution and any other related matters.

The MLB Commissioner is assisted by six executive vice presidents that take charge of six core areas, which are business, baseball development, human resources, labor relations, administration, baseball operations and finance. The executive vice president of administration also doubles as the Chief Information Officer of MLB.

MLB also has a multimedia branch known as the MLB Advanced Media and it oversees the official MLB website and the websites of all 30 teams. Even though the multimedia arm is part of the MLB organizational structure it holds editorial independence. Likewise, MLB Productions independently handles video and broadcast media of MLB. But MLB Productions and MLB Advanced Media are part of MLB and subject to an MLB revenue sharing formula.


Here is a brief Overview of the Boston Red Sox

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Boston Red Sox is a professional American baseball team playing in the Eastern Division of the Major League Baseball (MLB). The baseball team was established in 1901 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston Red Sox was one of the original eight franchise teams of the American League back when the league was established.

The Boston Red Sox is a team that has been around as long as the existence of professional baseball in America and so has amassed a rich history and large followership. The team plays its home games at the Fenway Park, a venue that they have been using since 1912. The name Red Sox was chosen in 1908 by then owner John I. Taylor.

Red Sox was a team to reckon with in the beginning years of the professional baseball league. They clinched the first ever World Series title, winning the Pittsburgh Pirates in the finals to do so. By 1918, they had clinched a total of four championship tittles. There early dominance however soon waned as the club went on to record what today is still the longest championship trophy drought in the history of professional baseball.

Some people have called the club’s 86 year wait for a championship trophy the Curse of Bambino’ after the fact that the team sold their star player Babe Ruth to their arch rival team the Yankees just two years after their last world championship victory of 1918. The 86 years without championship trophies were still marked with some memorable events of the team’s history such as the Enos Slaughter's "mad dash” (1946), "Impossible Dream" (1967), home run of Carlton Fisk's (1975), and Bill Buckner's error (1986).

The drought period finally came to an end in 2004 when the Boston Red Sox won their sixth World Championship. In total, the team has made a total of 11 appearances in the World Series and has won seven of them. The team holds a fierce rivalry with the New York Yankees and the rivalry has been dubbed as the most intense, historic and interesting North American sport’s rivalry.

Presently, the Boston Red Sox is owned by the Fenway Sports Group, whom is also owners of English Premiership Liverpool Football Club. The team has a huge fan base and since May 15th 2003 all their home games has sold out.