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It’s been 12 fruitful years, with three World Series Championships, since Red Sox Nation celebrated the Great Comeback after going down three games to none to the Yankees while being totally massacred in game three at the Fens. So we might allow ourselves a little indulgence as we “sort of celebrate” the end of the Cubs’ long drought. The Curse of the Bambino gave way to championship teams. Now, perhaps the Curse of the Billy Goat will give way to a few more championships for the Cubs.

Not that the Sox will allow multiple Ws to fly over Wrigley Field. The Sox and the Cubs have the two teams with the most talented young players. This year we hoped for a Sox-Cubs World Series. With the young players each team has it is not beyond imagination that in the next ten years there may be several such Fall Classics. We can only dream about the awesome pleasure baseball fans everywhere would get from a World Series played at Fenway Park and Wrigley Field.

Now that winter is setting in, we might go from watching our beloved Red Sox on television or at the Fens to indulging in some online casino gaming. In honor of the Cubs hitting the jackpot this year with a great World Series triumph, we hereby present a review of a top online casino, All Jackpot Casino.

Find a Complete World Of Gaming at All Jackpots Casino

All Jackpots Casino has become perhaps the leading Canadian online casino in large part because of their willingness and ability to think outside the box. All Jackpots recognized long ago that players look for excellent incentive deals to attract new players. Not content to sit on a "standard" Welcome Package, All Jackpots has pushed the limits and offers their new players $1600 in bonuses in just their first week.

A Pile of Cash Bonuses

Who doesn't like getting a free offer? All Jackpots knows this and therefore, welcomes new players with a super power offer. Here are the details:

With your first deposit, you get a 100% cash deposit bonus for up to $250. With your second deposit, you get a 50% deposit bonus for as much as $250. Your third deposit brings a 50% bonus good for up to $500. Your fourth deposit carries a 50% bonus for up to $600. Counting it all up, players get $1600 in bonus cash to stretch their game play at the casino.

Promotions Designed with Busy Canadians in Mind

The daily promos are generally fast-moving pop up bonus offers. Here you can upgrade your account by making a deposit and receiving a great bonus. All Jackpots gamers who frequently simply look at their All Jackpots mobile app often see a bonus offer of this nature and grow their bankrolls effortlessly.

The monthly promotions are amazingly player-friendly. Any Canadian online casino must take into account that Canadians are a very busy people with a limited amount of time to indulge in casino gaming. Here, again, All Jackpots Casino has been a leader in thinking outside the box regarding the format of their monthly promotions. Whereas most casinos still run their monthly promos for a full month, expecting gamers to play for hours on end, hoping to be one of the leaderboard leaders in the end, All Jackpots divides the month into four week-long segments and makes it extremely easy for players top qualify for a prize.

Loyalty and VIP Clubs

Every player is automatically made a member of the Loyalty Club. This is where your loyalty points are stored. You get loyalty points for every bet you make and these points can grow very quickly. Loyalty points serve three important functions. First, they are redeemable for cash when they reach a minimal number. Second, as they grow, the casino makes more bonus offers. The more points you have, the better the bonus offers will be. Third, it is by accumulating a very reasonable number of loyalty points that you qualify each week for a prize in the monthly promotions.

High rollers are invited to join the VIP Club. The casino assigns each VIP a personal; account manager who helps his or her VIPs celebrate family events and finds great gifts for their VIPs. These gifts might include trips, cruises, fantastic bonus offers and much more!

Hundreds of Games

All Jackpots has 700+ games in their download casino, 100+ games in the instant, browser-based casino, and another 100+ games in the mobile casino. These hundreds of games are in several game categories. The leading category is slots. As a top Canadian online casino, All Jackpots Casino knows that Canadians love slots! The modern video slots featured on All Jackpots have all the characteristics of great modern slots: vibrant graphics, animation, and sound; great characters and themes; free spin bonuses; multipliers; wild symbols; and many paylines.

All Jackpots has many progressive jackpots. Most are in slots led by Mega Moolah with a starting point of a cool million dollars and advancing quickly from there! The casino also has progressive jackpots in blackjack, roulette, and casual games particularly bingo.

Video Poker and Blackjack

All Jackpots has over 40 different variations of both video poker and blackjack. With so many variations of these games, All Jackpots once again thought outside the box. They produced extensive tutorials so players could learn the rules and basic strategy of every variation of these stellar online casino games before risking their hard-earned money on a wager. In addition to great tutorials, which have by now been extended to every game category, the Casino allows unlimited free play so gamers can get the feel of a game before making bets on it.

Video poker has all the best elements of poker with one very big exception: there’s no bluffing! This pleases so many gamers that they have made video poker a top go-to online casino game throughout cyberspace. At All Jackpots, video poker is always the game with the highest payout rate, about 98-99%!

Blackjack has been called the most cerebral of all casino games. The 40 plus variations featured at All Jackpots require great concentration and mental acuity to discern the best play in a particular position in a particular blackjack variation.

Many More Table Games

The casino has a massive collection of other table games from the classics craps, baccarat, and roulette, to the more esoteric such as Sic Bo and Red Dog. The graphics at these table games continues to improve. Microgaming developed the Gold Series of table games to reflect the improvements in computer and especially mobile graphics. The many games in the Gold Series carried by All Jackpots reflects the casino’s dedication to quality above all else.

Take All Jackpots With You

Yes, you can do just that when you download the simple All Jackpots mobile app. The number and quality of games on mobile has grown and improved so much that mobile gaming at a great Canadian online casino such as All Jackpots has actually overtaken PC casino gaming in popularity.

Safe and Easy Banking

Before you send money to any online casino, you must be confident that your money will be safe there. All Jackpots Casino protects your money behind a firewall of encryption as good as that used by the really big online financial concerns.

All Jackpots was also an industry leader in extending banking to gamers in relatively “small” countries such as Canada. The casino offers many options for banking in CAD all safe and all extremely convenient.

Customer Support

All Jackpots has several software programmes that track your gaming and your account for your protection. Nevertheless, gamers do from time to time want to talk to a trained representative. All Jackpots was one of the first online casinos to maintain a call centre on the weekends. Then, some years ago, the casino realized that many gamers paly on holidays so they decided to keep the call centre open even on holidays. Thus, you can reach a well-trained All Jackpots rep 24/7/365. He or she will be happy to answer any question you might have. The staff can be reached by telephone, email, or chat.

A Top Level Canadian Online Casino

All Jackpots Casino simply has everything a Canadian gamer could want from a large number of exciting games, to top promotions, many bonuses, progressive games, great graphics, and so much more!