The Maginficent History of the Boston Red Sox

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Boston Red Sox is by far one of the most renowned baseball teams in America. If you are a fan of the game, you are probably already aquatinted with this team and just how powerful they are. The team got its name from the area in which it is based; Boston. The players and headquarters of Boston Red Sox are in Massachusetts. Its other name, the Red Sox was a choice made by the team’s owner; John Taylor.

The full name was given to the club in 1908 after getting inspiration from some of the previous baseball Boston teams called the Red Stockings. Boston Red Sox has its home in Fenway Park where its first games were played. The team is now owned by the Fenway Sports Group. They are also owners of other ball teams. Top on this list is the all-time football favorite Liverpool Football Club. The club is also a member of the Major League Baseball group and is considered by far to be one of the best teams in the League. Ever since the team was founded in 1901, it has developed into one of Americas most famous baseball teams. This team is a favorite to many and does not disappoint on its games since it always delivers outstanding performances.

Its achievements Taking part in all the World Series games in the past years, the Boston Red sox have always delivered their best. In the eleven World Series games they have taken part in, the team has manage to win seven. Its nickname, The Red Sox, was first used by other teams like the all colored club in 1888 in Virginia. They will forever be remembered for winning the first ever World Series in 1903 and for their repeated efforts to emerge tops in almost every single championship. They are a very popular team. Ever since May in 2003, every single Red Sox game has always been completely sold out.